Call for Papers: Performance Matters 5.1 (2019), Special Issue on Dance Studies in Canada


Call for Papers: Performance Matters 5.1 (2019), Special Issue on Dance Studies in Canada

In this dance studies special issue, we explore the productive possibilities of backspace. We approach the back in multiple senses: spatial, temporal, aesthetic, and kinesthetic. Back-story, backstage, background, back-work: although it is often hidden from view, the back is dense with cultural and political information. Any sensitive mover understands that even the most apparently frontal movement is supported, if invisibly and unconsciously, by the musculoskeletal infrastructure of the back. The back creates the conditions for the front.

Abstracts, due March 15, 2018, should be no longer than 300 words and should include a short biography (100 words). Invited contributions will be due to editors by August 2018. Please send your abstract as a Word document to both Alana Gerecke ( and Mary Fogarty (

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