Translations – A Dance for the NonVisual Senses

Carolina Bergonzoni, Naomi Brand


Translations is a collaborative performance event based on questions of accessibility, inclusion and the potential of the dancing body to move us. Led by Vancouver’s All Bodies Dance Project in collaboration with VocalEye, the project brings together dancers with and without disabilities alongside consultants from the blind community. The project asks questions of ultimate importance and relevance to the accessibility of Canadian performing arts. During the process, we investigate the aesthetics of accessibility, built on difference as an artistic tool, and conceived of inclusion and accessibility as the source of choreography.

This publication is a creative documentation, a collection of images (with image description) and videos of the first two phases of the research process of Translations that shows the often invisible histories of integrated dance, accessibility, and inclusion in dance. We believe in the importance of listing the collaborators that made this project possible, as a way to make visible and prominent the “backgrounded bodies” and “back stage and background word” in dance.

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