Participant Spectator Meeting Places

  • Lucinda Coleman Edith Cowan University


During 2013–2014, visual and performing artists from the Australian dance collective, Remnant Dance, were invited to make a contemporary dance film together with young people from a Children’s Centre in Myanmar. The experience of the Australian artists moving together with Myanmar youth enabled dialogue through expressive gestures. The dance-making was visceral, generating embodied engagement for participants who were both performers and spectators in the act of dancing together. The creation and exhibition of a dance film about places of meeting in/through dance, and as contextualized within a larger body of artistic work, illuminated how each individual might be a participant, performer, collaborator, and/or spectator. Questions concerning spectatorship were raised as the young Myanmar participants became performers and then spectators of their own work. International touring of the evolving artistic work, Meeting Places, then invited new audiences to reflect on how dance-making with others might challenge assumptions as to who the collaborators, participants, performers and/or spectators are in art-making and performance experiences.

Author Biography

Lucinda Coleman, Edith Cowan University
Lucinda Coleman is an adjunct lecturer at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, Edith Cowan University, and dance-maker with the Australian performing arts collective, Remnant Dance. An experienced choreographer, performer and teacher, Coleman has performed and presented at a variety of international conferences. As an early career researcher, she has most recently published in Research in Dance Education, the Proceedings of the 2014 World Dance Alliance Global Summit and the Journal of Emerging Dance Scholarship. As Remnant Dance Maker, Coleman has directed and produced arts productions in Vietnam, China, Myanmar, and throughout Australia.


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