Teaching Student-Centred Podcasting: Practice-Based Research and Relational Ethnic Studies in The Alchemist Manifesto Podcast "The Seeds, the Soil and the Cyber Garden" Series


  • Mario Alberto Obando Jr. CSU Fullerton
  • Daniel Topete Riverside City College


This essay, along with an accompanying podcast, outlines the goals, pedagogy, and implications of the Alchemist Manifesto Podcast’s three-part special series entitled “The Seeds, the Soil and the Cyber Garden.” We argue that podcasting that centres practice-based research can produce heartfelt, communal, and compassionate digital holistic interventions within and beyond the physical spaces of universities and their itinerant knowledge production and distribution. Based on the cross-campus collaboration between CSU Fullerton and CSU Los Angeles in the spring of 2022, we discuss the collaborative pathways generated by working with graduate students Nancy Ocana, Rosa Maldonando, Diana Ponce, Karla Hernandez, Gregory Esparza, Pedro Reyes, Susana Tapia, Felicia Mora, Pedro Martinez, Francisco Najera, Katherine Batanero, and Caroline Romero. Additionally, the essay outlines the series, which features conversations with contributors Roderick Ferguson and Anita Tijerina-Revilla, and our collective efforts to situate podcasting within critical university studies and relational ethnic studies. 


Author Biographies

Mario Alberto Obando Jr. , CSU Fullerton

Born in San José, Costa Rica, with familial roots in the pueblos of Palmichal and Tabarcia and the barrios of Desamparados and Barrio Naciones, Dr. Mario Alberto Obando is honored to work in his intellectual home at California State University, Fullerton as an assistant professor in the Department of Chicana and Chicano Studies. Dr. Obando’s teaching, research, and writing holds dear the queer and feminist of color interventions into transnational American studies, Chicanx/Latinx Studies, Central American studies and critical and relational ethnic studies. His most recent scholarship that centers the brilliant and urgent activism and knowledge production of CSU students has been published in Kalfou: Journal of Comparative and Relational Histories and will be published in venues such as Latinx Experiences: Interdisciplinary Perspectives, Transformative Practice in Critical Media Literacy: Radical Democracy and Decolonized Pedagogy in Higher Education, and in the special issue “Resisting the Historical Erasure of the COVID-19 Pandemic” for the University of California Humanities Research Institute: Foundry.  His work at CSUF has recently been recognized for Excellence in Scholarly and Creative Activity in 2021 and Excellence in Teaching in 2022. 

Daniel Topete, Riverside City College

Dr. Daniel Topete is assistant professor of Ethnic Studies at Riverside City College. Dr. Topete's forthcoming work will be published in the book Transformative Practice in Critical Media Literacy: Radical Democracy and Decolonized Pedagogy in Higher Education. He is also the co-host, co-writer, and co-producer of The Alchemist Manifesto Podcast.