Introduction: The Performative Force of Practice-Based Research


  • Peter Dickinson Simon Fraser University
  • Ellen Waterman Carleton University


Editors' introduction to this special double issue on practice-based research.

Author Biographies

Peter Dickinson, Simon Fraser University

Peter Dickinson is the founding editor of Performance Matters, a professor in the School for the Contemporary Arts at Simon Fraser University, and director of SFU's Institute for Performance Studies. His most recent book is My Vancouver Dance History: Story, Movement, Community (2020).

Ellen Waterman, Carleton University

Ellen Waterman is Helmut Kallmann Chair for Music in Canada and professor in the School for Studies in Art and Culture at Carleton University. She is both a music scholar and a flutist specializing in creative improvisation. Ellen is founder and director of the Research Centre for Music, Sound, and Society in Canada, dedicated to exploring the complex and diverse roles that music and sonic arts play in shaping Canadian society.