Moving Together to Reclaim and Resist: Podcast and Podcast Transcript


  • Jenn Cole Trent University
  • Melissa Poll Independent Scholar
  • Alana Gerecke Simon Fraser University
  • Elan Marchinko York University
  • Jill Carter University of Toronto
  • Julie Burelle University of California, San Diego
  • Kelsey Blair Concordia University
  • Ken Wilson University of Regina
  • Kimberly Richards University of British Columbia
  • Virginie Magnat University of British Columbia
  • Selena Couture University of Alberta


After the onset of COVID 19 during the spring of 2020, members of the Canadian Association for Theatre Research’s Moving Together to Reclaim and Resist working group—led by Jenn Cole and Melissa Poll—created a podcast episode featuring individual embodied land engagements. In it, contributors from across Turtle Island affirm the territories they occupy by combining personal reflections with vivid ambient audio. This experiential archive chronicles how territories speak and how we, from our unique and intersecting positions, aspire to offer our respect in response.

We encourage you to experience the podcast in motion, situating yourself in relation to the land you occupy.

Podcast contributors are: Kelsey Blair, Julie Burelle, Jill Carter, Jenn Cole, Selena Couture, Alana Gerecke, Virginie Magnat, Elan Marchinko, Melissa Poll, Kimberly Richards, and Ken Wilson.

Thank you to our sound engineer, Sterling Oliver.