Un/Commoning Pedagogies: Forging Collectivity Through Difference in the Embodied Classroom and Beyond


  • Dasha A. Chapman Kennesaw State University
  • J Dellecave Brown University
  • Adanna Kai Jones Bowdoin College
  • Sharon Freda Kivenko
  • Mario LaMothe University of Illinois-Chicago
  • Lailye Weidman Hampshire College
  • Queen Meccasia Zabriskie New College of Florida


Un/Commoning Pedagogies Collective are seven dancer-scholars who centre embodied anti-racist praxis in our teaching across the fields of anthropology, sociology, African American and Africana studies, gender, sexuality and women’s studies, dance, and performance studies. Since 2019, the Un/Commoning Pedagogies Collective has engaged in consistent, process-based collaboration around teaching, scholarship, movement practice, and collegiality. We have co-authored essays, facilitated workshops, and given talks and performances. We also share syllabi, strategies, stories, milestones, failures, resources, and friendship. This writing is rooted in our ongoing collaborations and documents a co-generation of knowledge about the possibilities and tensions of teaching with and through our full-bodied selves. Moving beyond the syllabus, we offer you a glimpse into our concerns, commitments, experiences, and strategies as movement educators. We invite you to participate with us in a process of un/commoning pedagogy through embodied practice, dialogue, and reflection.

Author Biographies

Dasha A. Chapman, Kennesaw State University

Dasha A. Chapman is an assistant professor of dance at Kennesaw State University.

J Dellecave, Brown University

J Dellecave an assistant professor of the practice of theatre arts and performance studies at Brown University.

Adanna Kai Jones, Bowdoin College

Adanna Kai Jones is an assistant professor of dance at Bowdoin College.

Sharon Freda Kivenko

Sharon Freda Kivenko is a lecturer in anthropology at Tufts University.

Mario LaMothe, University of Illinois-Chicago

Mario LaMothe is an assistant professor of Black studies and anthropology at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Lailye Weidman, Hampshire College

Lailye Weidman is a visiting assistant professor of dance at Hamphire College.

Queen Meccasia Zabriskie, New College of Florida

Queen Meccasia Zabriskie is an associate professor of sociology at New College of Florida.