Vol. 8 No. 2 (2023): The Syllabus is the Thing: Materialities of the Performance Studies Classroom

Image Caption: "Human Knot (Introduction to Performance Studies, Pratt Institute)." Photo: Julia Steinmetz, 2019.

Issue Editors: Karin Shankar and Julia Steinmetz

What does a performance studies syllabus instantiate or call into being in the classroom? In this special issue, contributors respond to this question, while simultaneously seeking to reframe the performance studies syllabus. If the syllabus (from its Greek origins, meaning “title,” “slip” or “label”) is a protocol for an experiment, how might we design syllabi to serve radical spaces of knowledge-making and modes of coming-to-know? In turn, how might syllabi create new structures within which to learn, reformulating the dynamics and relationships between teacher, student, and institution?


Published: 2023-05-01

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From Pro Forma to Performative