Pedagogies of Praxis: Exercises in Embodying Social Justice for Performance Studies Seminars


  • Serap Erincin Louisiana State University


This article discusses my pedagogies of praxis in the performance studies classroom focused on identity, inclusion, and social justice. I especially consider methodologies I employ in seminars focused on analyzing and making social justice performances such as Performing Human Rights and Performing Activism. This discussion explores the significance of embodied ways of learning and the materialities of the performance studies classroom. I argue that such praxis—which combines foundational and cutting-edge theories in the field, analysis of sites of performance that exemplify such work, and affective exercises that allow students to embody these theories through their lived experience—creates the most meaningful learning outcomes. I discuss various exercises I developed which offer up a material trace of the embodied, praxis-oriented pedagogy that I centre in my seminars focused on analyzing and making social justice performances. 

Author Biography

Serap Erincin, Louisiana State University

Serap Erincin, an artist scholar from Istanbul, is an assistant professor of performance studies and cultural studies; affiliated faculty in women’s, gender & sexuality studies, screen arts, and African and African American studies at Louisiana State University; and the vice-president of PSi. She is the editor of Solum and Other Plays from Turkey and publishes widely on experimental performance and social justice performance.